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Pharmacy Compounding Melbourne’s Trusted Source

Working together with prescribing doctors, we meet each patient’s individual needs. Every prescription we write is unique to each patient, about contents, dosage, and method of administration. We specialize in compounding at our pharmacy in Dandenong. The ability to create something from scratch is this.  Our compounding chemist Dandenong takes separate raw materials, devises a synergistic way to mix them, and applies this process to deliver the best possible outcome for our patients. Only Australian sources provide us with our raw ingredients. We do not import any one of our unprocessed products, and we in no way will. Our logic is straightforward. We are unable to guarantee the caliber of these goods.  Every one of our raw materials is accompanied by a certified Certificate of Analysis that describes the batch quality. It won’t be approved if it doesn’t fit our exacting standards.

Our team of six compounding pharmacists has years of experience in this specialized field.  Because of their terrific training, they regularly attend conferences, and schooling classes each locally and internationally. They are all knowledgeable about the most recent information and trends. Since we provide full-service compounding Melbourne, we can create everything your family possibly requires. We provide goods for our four-legged family members, adults, newborns, kids (especially those with special needs), and the elderly. Our top concerns are quality and safety, thus we follow tough operating procedures to ensure that every product is faultless. We kindly ask that you stop by our store or visit our full online pharmacy.

What to anticipate from a visit to our pharmacy

First impressions are of a positive, welcoming pharmacy where the employees are happy to help and make sure all of your queries are answered. We are an own family-owned business that specially caters to the wishes of nearby households. With over 100 years of combined experience, our pharmacy staff exceeds that of all nearby facilities, allowing us many chances to provide comprehensive care and guidance to our customers. Compounding and alternative therapy supplies are the areas of expertise for Compounding Pharmacy dandenong, an independent full-service pharmacy. We also offer international mail order delivery. We have specialized certifications to manage a wide range of healthcare needs, skin care, and general health services.  In addition to consulting with your doctor to get the necessary prescription, our pharmacists and compounding chemist in Dandenong are available to provide personalized advice depending on your needs. Our large baby area offers full attention to new mothers and their newborns. Our goods include a complete line of breast pumps, organic diapers, feeding bottles, teething aids, and homeopathic (drug-free) solutions for baby’s medical requirements. We additionally offer a wide selection of private care products for adults and babies which is probably made with protection in mind and don’t comprise risky elements.